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Village Investment Project

Cодействие сокращению бедности в сельской местности и децентрализация государственного управления в Кыргызской Республике путем усиления местных сообществ.


The project is aimed at improving accessibility, quality and efficiency of utility services, provided by local self government bodies in the selected towns.

Bishkek and Osh Urban Infrastructure Project

The aim of the proposed BOUIP is to improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of local infrastructure services provided to the population of novostroikas participating in BOUIP in order to improve their living conditions and facilitate their socio-economic integration into the urban community

Agricultural Investments and Services Project

The Project goal is to contribute to rural poverty reduction through agriculture yield increase and sustainable pastures management.

Main events

Under new ARIS-implemented Projects, an awareness raising event was held for business representatives (firms) regarding the forthcoming procurement

This event allows for raising the awareness among a wide range of business representatives as well as for analysis of the capacity of the interested firms

A ceremony of opening of gym took place in Jyide village

Construction of the facility completed under Project “Debt Swap II – Communal Infrastructure”

President Atambaev signed the law canceling 8.5 mln Euro debt of Kyrgyzstan to Germany

The law was enacted by Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) of the KR on 13 June 2013

Main news


Working seminar delivered by ARIS on preparing a draft Drinking water development strategy

Representatives of interested government institutions, civil sector and local communities have discussed various aspects of the document crucial for the state

In Kochkor and Issyk-Kul raions new facilities commissioned under DS-CI-II Project

The Project is aimed at construction of social infrastructure facilities

Opening of the facilities completed under DSCI-II in Batken, Dzalalabad, and Osh oblasts

3 of the facilities have been already completed and commissioned

News of regional offices


8 facilities commissioned under the Village Investment Project in Akterek aiyl district of Ton raion in Issyk-Kul oblast

Total amount of micro-projects was 2303949 KGS, out of them ARIS community grant amounted to 1695006 KGS, community contribution totaled to 608943 KGS

Thanks to gained skills under the ongoing agricultural investment and services project farmers of Suzak raion began to receive more profit from grown crops

Trainings were conducted using visual aids (posters, presentations, drawings, etc.). Demonstration plots were set up in the village Aral

Information round table meetings are being held under the new Project “Debt Swap II — Municipal Infrastructure” in all regions of the country

For example, in Suzak, Bazarkorgon and Toktogul raions of Jalal-Abad oblast, round table meetings at the raion level, attended by heads of raion and aiyl districts, heads and specialists of raion state administrations, chairman of local investment committees (LIC), ARIS specialists and experts


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